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The Association of Christian Schools, Colleges and Universities (ACSCU) was established in 1946 under the guidance of the Almighty God. It recognizes and commits itself to the sacred task of providing quality Christian education and promoting among its members a sense of unity, understanding and fellowship for better service to the community.


Come and be a part of  the Association of Christian Schools, Colleges and Universities (ACSCU)  59th ACSCU National Convention  and 75th Founding Anniversary celebration with the theme “Standing Firm on our Faith and Solidarity in these Different and Challenging Times ”  this June 7-8, 2021. The convention will be held virtually via zoom and will be  hosted by the Wesleyan University-Philippines.

ACSCU is still a growing association.  At present it consists of one hundred forty (140) member schools spread over all the sixteen (16) regions of the country:  seven (7) universities, thirteen (13) seminaries,  thirty-nine (39) colleges, and eighty-one (81) basic education schools.

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